Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh, the injustice. . .

Due to some back talk this morning, my boy lost the privilege of all electronic devices this afternoon.

Upon arriving home after school, he lamented, "I have nothing to do. I can't even look at the clock!"

*Edited a few minutes later* This boy is taking all electric devices to the extreme for sure. He is hiding under a blanket in the recliner. When I asked him why, he morosely explained that the blanket is the best way to keep out the heat.

Should I tell him that the heat is gas?


ccjmommy said...

Oh, that is so funny!!!

Christy said...

Too funny! That sounds just like my 11 year old... who by the way is currently grounded from all electronics too. What cruel moms we are :o)
(just found your blog a bit ago... keep up the great posts :o)

mammamilk said...

Thanks, Christy! I will check out your blogs too - especially the big batch cooking info. It would definitely come in handy around here too! Thanks for reading!