Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mother Dearest :)

For many years, I have joked about turning into my mother.
As early as college, I recall telling friends, "Why is it that when I open my mouth, my mother's voice comes out?"
I have said to my husband many times, "I hope you like my mother, because I am turning into her!" (Thankfully, he does love my mother).
As the years have passed, I find myself doing things like she does, thinking like her, looking like her, and sounding like her.

Today, it was all confirmed to me by my 4 year old. I said something to one of his siblings and he called from a room or two over, "Mom? Is Grandma here? I thought I heard her voice!"

It was just me. Just me, slowly turning into my mom. Which is all right with me, because she's a pretty great gal!!


muskydave said...

This is a strange phenom. Your mother has already turned into Grandma Denning. I'm not sure if this evolution stops or if you live long enough will you turn into your Grandmother. Interesting.

mammamilk said...

Dad, Grandma would also be a fine person to turn into. :)

ccjmommy said...

Ditto, here!

Jenny said...

It's sweet, Shelley. I know I'm turning into my mother, too, but she had such a short life. The ways in which we are different will hopefully mean I can live well into my 90s!

mammamilk said...

Oh, Jenny - that makes me so sad! I hope you live into your 90s too!