Sunday, August 22, 2010

MOPS musings

We had a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) retreat yesterday for our steering committee. My dear friend and I are co-coordinating it this year, and we led the 5 hour retreat. Though I was a bit nervous beforehand, the retreat was AMAZING. Not because of what Sarah and I did, but because these women are excited about reaching out to moms in our area. Because these moms opened up and shared their lives with all of us. Because God is working through this ministry!

Marvelous, wonderful leadership team!
Outrageously fun and crazy gals!
Perfect and amazing God!
Super friends!

Thank you, MOPS team, for all you have done and will do for these moms this year.


medicwife said...

Thank you Shelley!! You and Sarah rock!! Thanks for all you are doing!!

mammamilk said...

Thanks, Nicole! We think you're great too!

brumgirl said...

You and Sarah are amazing! We do have a great steering committee! It is going to be a FABulous year!

mammamilk said...

Thanks, Brumgirl! Who are you? :)

mammamilk said...

Okay, Brumgirl. Duh. I think I know your secret identity now. :)