Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy's Night

Tonight was wonderful. Amazing.

I went out with a certain 6 year old boy and loved every minute of it. It was just him and me, having dinner, school supply shopping, and just plain being together.

In a house such as ours, one on one time is hard to come by. My husband and I try very hard to carve out time alone with each of our kids, but it never seems to happen often enough. But back-to-school Mommy's nights are set in stone. Each year in August, I have a special night with each school-age child. We go to dinner, we shop, we get ice cream. Mommy soaks it all in.

My sweet kindergartner loved our night as well. He thanked me/loved me/hugged me/adored me no fewer than twenty times tonight, I'll bet. It was a love fest of Mommy and son. At age 6, being alone with Mommy is still really, really great. And at age 37, being with my son, just the two of us, is still really, really great as well.

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