Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the cutting edge

This morning was our monthly MOPS meeting (Mothers of Preschoolers). We had a great speaker - a gal who told us all about kindergarten readiness. After her presentation, we had our small group time and then made our craft.

Why is it I have no talent for MOPS crafts? Upon typing that, I realize it is because I have no talent for making any kind of craft. Today we were simply cutting out felt shapes to put on a felt background. Many moms were making elaborate designs and others were just cutting out many different shapes for their children to use. I was making something in between. I was attempting to make certain shapes (flower petals, a star. . .) and the results were rather pathetic. Someone said it looked like her child had cut one of her shapes out. Another mom said she thought her scissors were dull.

That last one really resonated with me. That's my problem! My scissors are just dull! I can't help that I am no good at crafts! My whole life, I have been given dull scissors. When I tried to scrapbook as a new mom, my scissors were to blame for my uninspired pages. It is because of my scissors that I never finished a cross-stitch project in high school, though many were started. Matter of fact, perhaps dull scissors are the culprit of lots of my shortcomings. I can't dance, I'm not really good at sports, I talk too much. . .maybe it's all the scissors' fault.

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KIM :-) said...

I blame my dull scissors, too. We definitely DID NOT inherit that gene, huh? :-(