Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another day, another spill

"There's a milk problem!!" my son yells, as he watches his little brother's milk spill onto the floor at McDonald's.

Watches is the key word here. Not - reaches for, or grabs, or rights the cup. No, all the brothers watch in disbelief as it spills all over the floor. Thankfully, my son's shirt was spared, but the seat and floor got a good dousing of chocolate milk. Sigh.

We had a busy night last night. The two older kids are in a dance recital, so we had a dress rehearsal at 4:30, then off to the golden arches for a nutritious meal, then back at 6:00 for another dress rehearsal.

I know this sounds like a normal night for lots of families, but we have limited how many extracurricular activities our kids can be involved in. Too many evenings like last night would wear us all out! Besides, we figure there's plenty of time to run from sport to sport (and with five kids, I may end up living in my van as a full time mom-taxi driver) when they are older.

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