Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday blahs

I'm not very motivated in the housework department today. Monday I hit the ground running, doing all my scheduled chores plus many more as the ideas struck me. Yesterday, I ran lots of errands (with just the baby home from school), which is a day I enjoy - who doesn't love to shop?!? But today, I have just basic chores to accomplish, and I am tired. I'm not getting very far, and I 'm really wishing for a nap. I don't think that is going to happen, though. . .my 3 year old is giving his nap up, I'm afraid. Every day he is not in school, he likes to ask, "Can we skip my nap today?". My knee-jerk response is, "No, no, a thousand times no! A nap is a wonderful thing!! Why ever would you want to skip it??" But then I realize how I feel about sleeping is decidedly differently than how a 3 year old feels about it. To me, sleep is a much-sought after, elusive, joyful activity. To a 3 year old, it is a punishment.

Anyway, as you can see by this post, I am procrastinating all my work. I'm going to wager that it will all be here tomorrow, still waiting to be done. For today, I'm going to rest as much as the children will allow.

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