Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to shave $10 off your grocery bill

  • Choose $112 worth of groceries.
  • Approach checkout. Notice there is only one register open at 9:15 on a Monday morning. Frown.
  • Watch cashier scan groceries and coupons. Hear total. Suppress desire to say "How did I spend that much?!"
  • Swipe debit card.
  • Hear cashier say, "Oh no. That rang through as cash. I'll have to rering it all."
  • Try to remember everyone makes mistakes. Do not complain.
  • Attempt to entertain antsy toddler and juggle fussy baby while entire receipt is rerung by hand. Remember days as a Target cashier (if applicable). Try not to sigh.
  • Hear cashier announce new total (which should be the same as before, but surprisingly is not). Hear him proclaim, "I'll take $10 off for all your trouble!"
  • Rejoice inwardly and offer thanks out loud.

Take home lesson: $10 for 15 minutes of "work". If I could do this on a regular basis, we'd be rich!


Amelia said...

I love it!

$10 -- that's like, 5 whole days of free milk! (or two days worth of gasoline!)

mammamilk said...

Good points, Amelia! Or. . .a new shirt for me. . .!