Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's next?!?

While strolling through JCPenney this afternoon with my daughters (how lovely that sounds!), I came across a clothing display that made me stop short.

"Look at this!!" I said in horror to my 9 year old. "They're stonewashed jeans!!"

Yes, yes it's true. I found an entire rack of jeans, looking as if they had stepped right out of the pages of my high school yearbook. Who would have thought stonewashed jeans would make a comeback. Shaker sweaters, yes. Skinny jeans, perhaps. But stonewashed jeans?!? They were truly better left in the pictures we all have from 1987, with our big permed hair, huge belts (which are also back, I've noticed), and (take a deep breath) stirrup pants.

I'm almost afraid to ask. Is the mullet next to return?


Monica said...
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Monica said...

Shelley, I deleted my first comment because I spelled your name wrong, so here goes.

You live in Indiana. The mullet has not died.

I'm not excited to see stonewashed jeans. I wish that it had just been a bad dream for you.

ccjmommy said...

Have you seen frosted jeans, or acid washed? Those were horrible. Yes, big belts are also back. One fad I am a fan of returning: tucking your jeans into your boots.

mammamilk said...

Monica - true, true. I must admit I have seen a few mullets around here. Hopefully they will not return mainstream.

mammamilk said...

Sister - frosted. I guess that's what I should have called them - not stonewashed. Either way, disgusting.

KIM :-) said...

There is a guy on American Idol who has a mullet!

Oh and on a funny (similar) note, when we 1st moved to NC, I kept seeing signs for a Mullet festival. I thought this must be a joke. Well, a year later it was finally explained to me that a mullet is also a fish and that was what the festival was all about, not the hairstyle. BAHAHHAHA ;-)