Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boppy-head guy

My children and I are stalkers. We are stalking boppy-head guy.

Here are the facts:

Boppy-head guy stands on a corner that we pass in our daily route to and from school.
He is apparently employed by a company that buys gold.
Presumably he is paid to stand on this corner and hold a sign advertising for this company.
He listens to his ipod and bops his head along to the music.
We often see 7-11 cups in the nearby snow.

We ponder many things about this situation:

1. HOW can this gold-buying company justify the expense of having a man stand on a corner, miles away from their location?

2. WHAT kind of music is he listening to that causes such emphatic head bobbing?

3. WHAT is in the 7-11 cups we see parked in the snow? My daughter has surmised that they hold slushies.

4. Doesn't his neck get sore from all the motion? (I tried to mimic his vigorous head motion and was in pain within seconds.)

We feel a certain kinship to this man, though we don't know him at all. The children look for him as we approach this corner and have attempted to determine his hours. My daughter has even written a song about him in her head. I feel like we should wave to him and bid him good day. Maybe tomorrow.

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