Friday, May 8, 2009

Back home again. . .

My husband and I just got back from Miami Beach on Wednesday afternoon. We had a wonderful relaxing time and had we not had children to come back to, we might have vacationed away the rest of our lives. What's not to love. . .we slept in, we ate gourmet meals (that I did not plan, prepare or clean up!!!), we sat on the beach, we had conversation (we actually finished our sentences to each other without being interrupted!!), we read books that contained more that 50 child-appropriate words. . .the list could go on.

Miami was a very fascinating place. Much of the time, we felt like we were in a foreign country (or about 15 countries at once). I had no idea what a melting pot it was. We enjoyed the diversity and the fact that something was always going on - not entirely unlike our house, now that I think of it, although much different activities!! While I don't think we'll be taking the kids there anytime soon, it was a great trip for the two of us, in our last hurrah before bebe number five arrives.

As these trips always do, it made us appreciate that we are able to travel a bit here and there (thanks to very willing parents who don't mind babysitting). And since we miss the children while we are away, the homecomings are priceless as well.

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