Saturday, May 16, 2009

The joys of commerce

This afternoon, against my better judgment, but because we have virtually no food left in the house, I took all the kids to Walmart. I considered staying home, but unless we were going to drink water and eat canned tomatoes until Monday, shopping was a must.

Usually the children give me a hard time when I tell them we need to grocery shop. Today, however, they were excited to go, because they were going to spend some of their money. They had each accumulated about $10 and there were holes burning in their little pockets. I gave them each a baggie for them to their booty in, and off we went.

We made a stop at a specialty store for my daughter to buy a Webkinz. STRIKE ONE! The store had closed earlier in the day. My daughter, true to form, attempted to be stoic and said she would wait for another day to buy one.

We got to Walmart and my youngest insisted upon holding his baggie like the big kids. Against my better judgment (again!), I let him hold it. STRIKE TWO! After we had picked up our groceries, I realized the money was gone. We retraced our steps, in vain, of course, because how many people pass by cold hard cash lying on the floor?! The service desk did not have it either. I was frustrated with myself for letting him hold it in the first place.

Finally we arrive at the toy department. My 4 year old picked his toy quickly, and my 7 year old, also true to form, took several minutes to decide what he wanted. I let my 2 year old pick out an inexpensive toy (a foam rubber sword - am I insane?!?) After another stop at the service desk (no dice!), we went home.

I was immediately called upon to assemble toys. After several frustrating minutes, I gave up on my 4 year old's hot wheel assembly and left it for when Daddy got home. I turned my attention to my 7 year old who was wailing at the kitchen island about how dumb his toy is. STRIKE THREE! His Star Wars toy did not function up to par, and he wanted to return it - NOW! It is now about a half hour later, and he has finally calmed down.

The funny thing is, their behavior was really quite good while we were shopping. We just learned some hard lessons today. . .

***Edited a few hours later: Daddy came home and miraculously made my 7 year old's toy work properly and assembled my 4 year old's toy in seconds flat. All happiness is restored to our household. Long live Daddy!
(Now, if only he could produce a Webkinz from thin air and find the missing $10!)


KIM :-) said...

Brave woman you are. I would have just drank water and stayed home. haha :-D

mammamilk said...

Kimmie - brave? or stupid? I think drinking water and staying put might have been a good option!

KIM :-) said...

I prefer brave - hehe. :-) I feel that way everytime I take the boys to Walmart and there are only 2 of them. You braved it with 4 and 1 on the way!!! Very brave. :-D

ccjmommy said...

Our Walmart carries Webkinz. Probably not the cool ones the daughter would have preferred. This blog was very funny! It is totally what happens to every mom, and no one really and truly understands unless you are a mom. What would seem like a harmless little trip to the store us so much more...