Thursday, April 30, 2009

ode to the four year old mind

The scene: Last night's dinner

My four year old: ". . .a band-aid! an elbow!"

The rest of us: confused silence

My four year old: "It's a guessing game!! . . .a kiwi!"

The rest of us: ". . .uh. . ."

My four year old: "It's a big pineapple!!!"

Obviously, with those clues, the answer would be a big pineapple.


muskydave said...

I would have guesed a watermellon

ccjmommy said...

I don't get it...Is this a normal watermelon or a fictional one?

mammamilk said...

Dad, you and the Pash think alike, I guess. You're both a mystery to me.

muskydave said...

That would be a seedless watermellon. It seems obvious to me.