Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bits and Pieces #17

  • I am a grammar freak.  I know this and I know it's annoying to others around me (it's annoying to me quite often!), but I can't help it.  Grammar mistakes usually jump out at me and drive. me. crazy.  Keeping that in mind, imagine me at the Mommy and Me class I teach.  We sing songs, play with instruments and dance a bunch (I'm super good at the dancing part - ha!).  Recently I was singing one of the songs with an egg shaker with the kids, and the verse ended like this:  "Oh what fun it is to shake my shaker oh so slow!"  And oh my word.  I couldn't handle that last word!  So as I sang it, I quietly changed the last word, though I'm sure those around me could hear me and think I'm a nut case.  But I had to do it.  I felt so much better singing it this way:  "Oh what fun it is to shake my shaker oh so slowly!".  Whew.
  • Our cute but naughty doggie, Shadow, loves to chomp on all manner of things, as you might have heard.  He loves to eat the tips off of nerf darts, gnaw on pencils, swallow bouncy balls whole and rip apart stuffed animals which have great sentimental value.  Yes, he loves to rip out the eyes and noses of stuffed animals, pull the stuffing out and basically kill the poor defenseless creatures.  But thankfully, my eldest daughter is a saint.  Whenever we catch him in the act (or happen upon a grisly murder scene), we take the stuffed animal directly up to my daughter's room, which doubles as an ER for dying stuffed animals.  Patiently, she restuffs their innards, stitches up their limbs and sews on eye patches when needed.  Seriously, she never complains about the frequent patients that just appear on her desk.  She's a gem, and my youngest son and daughter are reaping the benefits of her kindness.  And Shadow the naughty doggie keeps her in business.
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, when I am off from work, I have a uniform:  jeans (or sweats if I'm just home), and a Thrivent T-shirt. I have about 5 of these T-shirts (I admit some of my teens' shirts have made their way into my drawer).  They are the most comfortable shirts on the planet.  I adore wearing them and find it rather annoying if I have to go somewhere or do something that necessitates me wearing something nicer than one of these shirts.  The older I get, the more I value comfort, and Thrivent T-shirts are my jam (hey - just because I look like a 40-year-old bum doesn't mean I can't talk like a teenager!
  • The weather in the midwest is crazy.  That is all.  

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