Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Week in Pictures

Here's a little summary of our week, in photographic form:

I bought this lovely Chopped salad (if you haven't tried them, buy one right away - they are fabulous!), and noted a strange interloper in the bottom of the bag. . .

A giant carrot!  I can't fully explain why, but that giant carrot cracked me up. For several minutes, I laughed about that carrot.  My son grabbed some ranch and made quick work of it.

IKEA towels!  My parents bought some new IKEA towels, which I saw over Christmas break.  I loved them, because they have a little loop for hanging up, which might perhaps give my children the nudge they need and enable them to actually hang up their towels. Since I have no IKEA nearby, I asked my parents if they would buy some for me on their next trip.  I asked them to get two of each color, and assigned each child a color.  I have wanted to implement this system for awhile and these towels seemed to fit the bill.  So far so good!  If I find a towel laying on the ground, I know 
just who to ask about it!

The detritus of one Shadow puppy.  His most beloved items, all lovingly laid out for his perusal.

A playdough My Little Pony, made at the request of my younger daughter with her big sister.  The two girls laughed and worked together on this masterpiece.  I simply adore their sisterly bond. 

This is the dresser drawer of my youngest child, lined with a piece of wrapping paper from the baby shower I had for her big sister.  When my mom was pregnant with me, she saved all the wrapping paper from my shower and lined my dresser drawers with them.  I still have all that wrapping paper - from the early 70s!  When I had my baby shower, I followed suit, and had so much fun lining my baby's drawers.  Even now, 16 years later, when I open my not-so-little one's dresser drawer, the wrapping paper makes me smile.

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