Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Things I Don't Understand. . .

Among many other things, the following things perplex me:

  • Kleenex in the bathroom.  Why, oh why, do you need a box of Kleenex in a room where there are rolls upon rolls of toilet paper right there at your disposal?  If you have a runny nose, simply reach over to the roll and blow your nose! A box of Kleenex for the bathroom is just one thing I'll leave off my list!
  • Middle names on Facebook.  I understand maiden names for all those people wanting to be findable for people they knew in 1985, but how do middle names fit in?  
  • Fragments and cliffhangers on social media. ". . .When your boyfriend buys you flowers for no reason. . .""They laughed at her song choice. . .until she started to sing. . .",  etc.  Do the youth of America have no idea how to form a proper full sentence?  It seems every other post from young people is a fragment, often beginning with 'when'.  And in the same vein, why must so many websites twist the truth of the article in the title?  I realize it's to get you to click through, thinking something completely opposite of reality, but it drives me crazy.  Simply state (in a catchy way), what the article is about!  Are we, the readers, unable to recognize things that interest us without false advertising?
  • Dogs.  In particular, the peculiar desire Shadow has for rolling like a mad dog in the grass to get a scent on his fur.  He will go outside and sniff the ground slowly and carefully, and then quickly shove his snout into the ground and roll wildly in the grass, getting as much as his back and head rubbed on the grass as possible.  It's hysterical to watch, although markedly less so right after he's had a bath. 

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