Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bits and Pieces #12

  • Said by a child of mine:  "I breathed out of my ears once!  I did!  And my brother said it could happen!  Although. . .then he said you'd die."
  • My youngest daughter had a field trip this week at an animal farm.  She loved all the animals -- the zee-donks, the camels, the sheep etc.  She especially adored holding all the baby bunnies.  Yet, on the wagon ride out into the field to see all the animals, she leaned into me with a huge smile and said "You know what the best part of this whole day is, mommy?  YOU!"  Ah, that girl.  It's a love fest day in and day out.  I hope she never grows out of it.
  • Our dear doggie, Shadow, loves to ride in the car with us.  The other day I let him hitch a ride with me to pick up my teens from high school.  Their school is just across the street from a pet food manufacturing plant.  Often, the whole area has the distinctive (and largely unappealing) odor of dog food.  This particular day, I had the windows open and the smell was quite overpowering.  I looked over to Shadow, as it occurred to me that he might be salivating at the smell of his kibble in the air.  But I was not rewarded with any sort of reaction on his part.  He looked rather morose as usual, in spite of what had to be a glorious odor wafting over his nose.  #disappointing
  • My children have noticed a strange phenomenon.  Whenever I am asked a numerical question I can't answer (such as "How much longer till Dad gets home?" or "How much does it cost to go to Disney World?"), apparently my answers always include a seven.  I don't consciously do this, but any sort of number I have to make up on the spot always includes a seven.  Since seven is the biblical number of perfection, I informed the children I must do it because I am perfect.  Though they looked skeptical at this information, I'm sure deep down they agree.
  • My youngest daughter's baptismal birthday was recognized in chapel this week.  What a beautiful moment, to watch her standing among the other Aug/Sept anniversaries as we sang "I Was Baptized Happy Day".  Seven years ago, she entered into God's family through the waters of baptism.  ". . .God looked down on me and smiled!  I became His own dear child." Praise God for His gift of baptism!

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