Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bits and Pieces #10

It's summertime, and the living is crazy!  We are running at full tilt over here, which is equal parts fun and exhausting.  One thing a busy schedule does not afford me is time to blog, and also time to sweep the tumbleweeds of dog hair out of my home.  So here, a few little bits of life ala mammamilk:

An example of my son's loyalty to his favorite baseball team:

Son:  Mom, can I be in Boy Scouts?
Me:  I'm not sure, son.
Son:  I just can't call it the other name. . .but I could call it the sox scouts!

One of my older kids put a picture of my middle son on my phone as my screensaver.  This son is almost 12 (!!!), and the picture is when he was about four (in fact, taken the day I blogged about the elections here).  And I am not kidding you, every time I open my phone (about 5,438 times a day), I smile and feel nostalgic.  He is so adorable, and that time seems like so long ago.   I simply love looking at his cheeks and grin.  This picture makes me so happy.  :)

Doggie REM is a hilarious thing to behold.  Shadow wakes me up every now then (from his second-best sleeping locale - his bed on the floor next to me.  His favorite place is, of course, in our bed, right where our legs would like to be) with a low woof-woof-woof or a grrrr.  The other night I awoke to a strangled bark which ended in a pathetic whimpering.  I'm not sure if he's having doggie nightmares or if he's joyously dreaming of an all-day kibble buffet.  Either way it's pretty funny, even if it does wake me up.

My middle son (re: cute one above on my screensaver) was cleared (two months to the day of his surgery) to get back into regular activity.  That means baseball!  He can't wait to get out there and try it, and I must say I'm pretty excited to see him go for it!  Praise God for healing!

And. . . I currently have a child who just finished up at the dentist office, wailing upstairs.  "They lied!" he is moaning.  "They said it wouldn't hurt!".  Sigh.  He did so well with the numbing procedure but apparently the wearing-off process isn't too pleasant.  Cheers for beautiful teeth!

This is all I can eke out today, gotta go sweep up some tumbleweeds before baseball.

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