Monday, March 21, 2016

Life is good!

This morning I woke up at 4:10.  I checked on my son, who had been sick during the night, then I ran through my list of chores for the day, and my plans for my class that day as well.  Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the feeling that life is so very, very good.  I have these amazing children of awesomeness (who are far, far from perfect, but who are precisely perfect for our family), and I have an incredible husband who provides for us and loves me despite my numerous flaws.  We are blessed with an extended family who is so involved in our lives and cares so deeply for us.  We have a church family who loves us like a blood family and rejoices with us in our joys, and prays with us in our sorrows.  And God has graced us with this sacred week and weekend ahead, full of opportunities to deepen our faith. Then our son's confirmation and first communion on Saturday, when he will kneel and confirm his faith, surrounded by 23 family members.

Yes - life is good.  Certainly not perfect, and not always easy, but good.  God made our family - immediate, extended and our church family, and he doesn't make mistakes.  He gave us this life, and flawed as it is with our sin, it is good. His grace and his love for us, poured out so generously on the cross we celebrate this very week, covers all our human shortcomings.

Life is good.

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