Monday, March 14, 2016

Bits and Pieces #11

Hello my dear blogosphere friends.  I have been muy delinquent of late in my blogging pursuits.  Partly because I just finished watching Friday Night Lights (which ate up a wee bit of my free time),  and also because we are welcoming 16 family members (plus our seven) into our house next weekend for my son's confirmation at the Easter Vigil.  I am planning and prepping food, dress clothes, Easter eggs, Easter baskets, Egg Roll brackets, gifts for the confirmand, and all in all, thoroughly looking forward to this awesome weekend with our son and our extended family.  His older brother and sister's weekends were nothing short of amazing, and I expect nothing less of this son.  He is eagerly awaiting making his confirmation and receiving his first communion.  It's good stuff coming, good stuff!

So - I've been a bit swamped with details (and Netflix, not gonna lie).  But in the quiet of post-dinner-kids-outside-playing, I thought I'd dash off a few little soundbites I've heard around recently:

"Mom!  This sweater is the BEST!!  It has great pockets, Grandma made it, it's super soft, it has cool colors, and it keeps me warm!  Aaaaand - WHAT if it had a magical sweater arm that gave you a donut?  In the middle of the night, you could ask your sweater "donut please?" and it would give you a donut with sprinkles and frosting!!"    What if, indeed!  I would like one of these sweaters, but preferably one which served nachos.  Grandma?

"I'm not ready for the life ahead of me.  I'm too lazy to do what I've gotta do.  Maybe I'll just live with you guys!"  This was said by a very put-upon child who had just finished his chores and proclaimed that he was waaaaaaaay to young to clean a bathroom (he has also informed me that he is too young to empty the dishwasher, vacuum a whole room and clean the basement).  So - I guess we have failure-to-launch situation in our future.  I suppose he will live in the basement - but he probably won't be able to clean it.

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Henry Nelson said...

That blog made me smile and that is always good. Keep up the wonderful writings and good luck with the up-coming celebration. Confirmation is a great leap for a young man and young lady. We got confirmed in 8th grade and I can remember feeling so "grown up" after confirmation.
Have a Blessed Easter and I'm sure it will be great.