Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bits and Pieces of Family Life #8

  • I went through the drive through at Chick-Fil-A the other day, happily ordering my usual.  The cashier was very prompt and oh-so-polite like always, reminding me it was her pleasure that she feed me the best chicken on the planet.  But when I got up to the window and was given my meal, I heard something I haven't heard in years from a cashier:  She wished me a Merry Christmas.  I have to say, I don't get too enmeshed into the whole Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays thing, but it really brought a smile to my face to hear her say Merry Christmas in a world where everything has to be politically correct.  
  • Changing gears (a lot - remember this is a bits and pieces post - the glory of which is that I don't have to have any natural segue between subjects), I was skimming Facebook the other day when I came across this headline:  Smelling Farts May Be Good For Your Health.  Who knew?  Apparently some smart people in England did a study (who would want to sign up for that research test group??) and discovered that an occasional whiff here and there could reduce the risks of cancer, heart attacks and the like.  My takeaway here:  the seven people in my house are going to live long, long, healthy lives, 'cause we get the occasional whiff all. the. time. 
  • We cut down our Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago at a tree farm.  The tree is huge and smelled so fabulous when we brought it home.  However, it appears longevity is not in its genes.  The tree is falling apart before our eyes.  I admit I am horrible about watering the thing (though I might point out that I live with six other people who are capable of watering it --- and I am consistently awful about watering our tree every year), but the speed at which it is losing its needles is outrageous.  We are seriously worried if it will make it until Christmas, or if it will look like the Charlie Brown tree by then. If we touch it at all, it sounds like it is raining needles.  Here is an example of just a few of the needles it has dropped:

  • My sister's community chorus is performing a sing-along Messiah tomorrow afternoon and my mom and I are going to join her and sing too.  I am over the moon about it!  I haven't sung most of the Messiah since early college, and I haven't sung in a choir with my sister and mom since high school.  I cannot even express to you how über excited I am for the performance!  I've gone through all the sections we will be doing and most of it has come right back to me.  I plan to run through it all again today and hope for the best tomorrow.  Hallelujah!

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