Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bits and Pieces of Family Life #7

I was standing out at recess the other day, wearing my winter coat.  I had only worn it once or twice this season, and as I was standing there, I felt something in my pocket.  Assuming it was an old grocery list, I pulled it out.  Dear friends, it was not a grocery list, it was TWENTY-TWO dollars!  I squealed with delight and told all nearby teachers of my newfound fortune. $22!  One might hope to find a dollar or two in your pocket, but 22?  Seriously made my day.

The beautiful season of Advent is upon us, and with it, we get to enjoy midweek services, full of glorious music and Bible passages reminding us of the glory of the season.  One of my children, however, does not find the opportunity to attend midweek services quite so exciting.  And I quote: "I cannot handle two church services in one week."  Sigh.  On the upside, it turns out he can indeed handle two services in one week, as he is still living and breathing among us.

My eldest son took the placement test on Saturday at the parochial high school he will be attending in the fall.  He has been to the school a few times since his sister attends there, but he knows no one there, and is general unfamiliar with the building.  I walked him into the hallway, checked him in, and watched him walk into the cafeteria with a hundred kids, most of them chatting with their friends.  My heart was in my throat, dear reader.  I have no doubt my son will make lots of friends next year and have a fabulous high school experience.  But on Saturday, it was hard to watch him take those first tentative steps into the unknown.  I would love to pave the way for my children and have them skip right over all the hard parts, but I know those struggles are character-building and they will all be stronger for going through them.  But still!  This mamma's heart!  

I went to Carson's last week, somewhat begrudgingly, with three coupons in hand.  As you can read here, my relationship with the Carson's affiliates has not always been a pleasant one.  Because of my experience in the link above, I marched straight to the cashier upon my arrival and asked for reassurance that my coupons were indeed as good as they sounded.  She looked rather shocked herself, and told me they were.  I then spent the next 45 minutes in Carson's looking for the best bang for my buck, and finally approached the register.  5 minutes later, I was holding $141.50 of merchandise that I had paid (are you ready for this??) just $2.42 for.  Yes sirree!  I "bought" two men's pajama pants, 1 Star Wars T-shirt, 13 paris of socks and one nail polish.  Let me take a moment to reassure you, my dear friend, that I would NEVER have paid $141.50 for those few items, but for $2.42?  Sign me up!

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Henry Nelson said...

Wow, you are a great shopper. I know what you mead about those coupons. Our Boston Store coupons are like that, never good on the yellow or black dot or whatever. Blessed Chkristmas to you.