Thursday, May 28, 2015

Word Girl!

Since tomorrow is my wee little one's last day of preschool, I am feeling nostalgic (ok, you know me. . .that's basically every second of every day).  I'm sure I will write soon about all the emotions that I have as the school year ends, but today, I leave with you this little list.  A little list I jotted down about 8 months ago and just rediscovered.  It made me smile ever so much.  She is growing so quickly and I don't hear many of these any more.

I give you, vocabulary ala little K:

Washmouth = mouthwash
Scunscreen = sunscreen
Cupcapes - cupcakes
Glubs = gloves
Kineapple = pineapple
Christmas presidents = Christmas presents
Oktoberfestible = Oktoberfest
Dentister = dentist

Oh this list warms my heart!  I don't want her to stop saying these! Slow down, time!  I'm not quite ready for my kids to say every word just right yet.  These are so very much better.

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