Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Inner Swimsuit Debate

She's 15.

She's smart and fun and beautiful, in my humble opinion.

She wanted a bikini.

Thus far, she has only wanted a tankini or one piece, and discussions about appropriateness of swimwear haven't been on the radar.  In years past, without my saying anything about the matter, she's said things like: "I don't really want to wear a two-piece, mom.  I think I'd feel self-conscious".  Go with your gut, I'd tell her.  Be comfortable and not concerned with what most everyone else is doing.

This year, though, she's in high school.  Our vacations involve lots of beaches.  And she wanted a bikini.

I told her we had never told her she couldn't have a bikini, and we could try some two-piece suits on. During a whirlwind trip a month or so ago, she found a little aqua number and tried it at Target.  She looked cute and trendy, just like a cover girl on a teenage magazine.

"What do you think?" I asked her.

"I don't know", she replied honestly.

Since we were in a hurry, I suggested we buy it and take it home to ponder and try on again.

Fast forward a month or so.  We had spoken little about the swimsuit, and it had rarely entered my mind, due to the fact that even the most important details of my day are barely making it on my radar.  She came to my husband and me and told us she didn't want to keep it.

When we asked why, she earnestly talked about modesty and feeling comfortable in who she was and how she presented herself.  She had watched a speech about the history of the bikini and had researched modest swimsuits on various websites.  She decided she wanted a retro 50s classic look instead of a bikini.

So I took it back to Target and we ordered a polka-dot one-piece from Macy's.  And you know what?  When she tried it on, she looked cute and trendy, just like a cover girl on a teenage magazine.

She feels comfortable and content with her choice.  And we are too.

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Henry Nelson said...

Good girl. Sounds pretty grown up to me.
Shelley, you are a great writer.