Saturday, April 25, 2015

Quotable Quotes

Last week, all of our preschool classes participated in a walk to raise money for diabetes research.  I very briefly explained to my three-year-old class what diabetes was, then gave them some details about how the walk was going to work.  To finish the conversation, I circled back to the cause we were walking for.  "What is the name of the illness we are raising money to find a cure for?, I asked the children.  One of my sweet students thought for a moment and said, "Diarrhea!"
Truly, it would be amazing to find a cure for diarrhea.

My eight-year-old son didn't appear to be listening recently at church, but it turns out I was wrong.  My husband asked us all to close our eyes and painted a glorious scene which involved all our senses.  As he listed the components, my son piped up and added his two cents:
My husband: ". . .eating filet mignon. . ."
My son: ". . .at Chick-fil-A. . ."
My husband: "listening to Pachelbel's Canon. . ."
My son: ". . . at Taco Bell!!. . ."
I'm not sure his idea of a restful scene matches my husband's.  But my son's definitely gets points in the fast food category.

Out of the blue, my 10-year-old son announced:  "I wanna have as many kids as the Duggars!"  Yes!  I fully support my kids having large families!  I can't imagine Christmas if I have that many grandkids, but I will figure it out!  Bring on the grandkids!!  In a timely manner, of course.

My little 5-year-old daughter had her first gymnastics class this morning.  This is the first activity she has participated in, and she was beyond excited.  She has been counting down for weeks, and this morning, as we pulled out of the driveway to go to class, she said, "Mommy, I'm so excited for ginnastics, I can feel the tears coming!"  Her joy and absolute euphoria was contagious.  I was so thrilled for her.  And I'm happy to report the class lived up to her pedestal expectations.

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