Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Doggie Day

Last Thursday, I walked into Petsmart and asked a question I never thought I would ask:

"Do you carry birthday treats and birthday party supplies for dogs?"

Yes, yes I'm that person now.  Friday was Shadow's 5th birthday, so of course we need party hats, a gift, a treat. . .you get the picture.  It's his birthday! the kids said.  We have to celebrate!  So there I was, asking a ridiculous question.

And guess what - Petsmart doesn't carry doggie birthday supplies!  Personally, I think they're crazy.  If someone like me, who is only beginning to become doggie obsessed, wants birthday supplies, don't other people who buy their dogs strollers and make their own dog food and cuddle up with their dogs in bed want to go all out for their dog's birthdays??  Petsmart - you're missing out on a whole demographic of people!

So, I was left to my own devices, which always means:  how can I accomplish my goal as frugally as possible?  I bought Shadow the cheapest single bone Petsmart sold, grabbed a package of hats at Meijer (which I told the kids to save so we can reuse them next year for his birthday), and called it done.  

I think Shadow was deeply touched by our show of love.  He listened to us sing Happy Birthday and wore his hat with pride.  I might have seen a wee doggie tear at one point, so moved was he.  Here is a snapshot of his special day:

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