Thursday, April 25, 2013

True love

Yesterday I blogged about my experience over my 40th birthday weekend.  It was amazing, to say the least.  That post was focused on being intentional with my words and actions, as my friends and family were to me.

This post is about my husband.

As my 40th birthday approached, he asked me, "What would you like to do for you birthday?"  In my usual fashion, I deferred slightly, saying something along the lines of "I don't know", or "what do you think?"  He, in his usual fashion, took the reigns and wowed me.

Our children were in a production of Sleeping Beauty on Saturday, my birthday, so almost all of our family had decided to come up to watch the kids perform, as well as celebrate our birthdays.  Did I mention my husband's birthday is the day before mine?  So - we had a house full of people coming on Saturday morning, as well as a small gathering of friends coming Sunday night.

Obviously, the house needed a good clean.  I had done much of the cleaning and food prep during the week, but some things simply must be left to the last minute (such as bathrooms - I have THREE boys. If I cleaned the bathroom two minutes before guests arrived it wouldn't be last minute enough).  I had planned on doing a lot of the heavier cleaning on Thursday, leaving Friday open to hang out with my husband on his 41st birthday.  But I woke up on Thursday with a fever and sore throat, rendering me worthless for any of the chores I had planned.

So yep - you guessed it!  My husband spent his birthday scrubbing toilets and showers, mopping floors and cleaning windows.  All while I lied on the couch, feeling guilty (a certain specialty of mine).   He ordered me to remain there and get well so Saturday wouldn't be ruined by illness.  I took it as easily as I could.  It was very hard to watch him do those icky jobs on his birthday.

I felt well enough to go out to dinner with him Friday night to celebrate his birthday, and it was wonderful.  A little wine with my Tylenol turned out okay after all.

Saturday morning I was greeted by smiling children with breakfast in bed.  I was also given an agenda for the day.  My first stop was a massage that set the tone for the day beautifully.  Mellow and relaxed, I headed for parts unknown (save the address) and ended up at a restaurant with my parents and sister.  It was reminiscent of the past as the four of us had lunch together and laughed.

After lunch was the show, and then off to dinner at a local family style restaurant.  My husband toasted me with lovely words that warmed my heart.  I was surrounded by our family and it was perfect.

And as you read, Sunday night was the gathering of friends, and their lovely words of affirmation.

My husband could have given me a pair of diamond earrings.  Or a trip with a girlfriend to a day spa. But he knew me well enough to give me what would mean the most to me:  time with my family and friends, and words to lift me up.  He planned in great detail ways for me to feel pampered, loved and cherished.  He took time and effort to prepare a weekend for me that would remain in my memory for days, months and years to come.  He showed me his love for me in his words as well as his actions.  Thank you is a pitiful return for what he gave me that weekend.  I give thanks to God for His gift of this man in my life.  He has blessed me beyond my comprehension.

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