Wednesday, April 24, 2013

If you have something good to say, say it!

Last weekend for my birthday, I was showered with love.  Family and friends took the time to love me through their actions and words.  Some might have stepped out of their comfort zones to express how they feel.  All took a moment to think about me, and our relationship.

It was humbling, to say the least.   My husband created an opportunity for some friends to tell me what they appreciate about me.  In front of all the people gathered.  It was equal parts moving, terrifying, hilarious and touching.  My first inclination at almost every turn was to say "No, no, no!  That isn't true!  I'm not a good mom, wife, singer etc.  (except for deal finder - I AM good at that!).  It was incredibly hard for me to just say thank you and not refute all their loving words.  It was a spectacular experience for me.

And it made me realize - I need to be more intentional with my words and actions.  If I notice something nice about a friend, family member, Walmart cashier, I need to say it!  When I think to myself, "I should get together with so-and-so", I need to arrange it!  If I value a personalty trait in someone, I need to tell that person that I do.

Life is speeding along (re: my 40th birthday) and time is too short to just keep sailing along.  I truly want to emulate the actions of my friends that birthday party night and seize the moment to build someone up.  I can't adequately express how the words from friends and family buoyed my spirit.

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