Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why did the turkey cross the road?

We approached the intersection, my three youngest children and I, as we headed to the mall.

"Look, a turkey in the road!" I exclaimed, pointing.

"Turkey!" said my 2 year old.

As we waited for our green light, we watched in amusement as the turkey thwarted a nearby car from making a right turn. The passenger was waving something colorful out her window in an attempt to move the bird out of their way.

The kids and I laughed and the 2 year old pointed.

It was all fun and games, until the turkey ambled over to our car.

As he got closer, I started to edge forward, so to scare him away and keep him from getting in from of our car. As I began to move forward, the turkey quickly walked closer to our car, and got directly in front of the van. I couldn't see him, but we could hear him! "Gobble, gobble!"

I honked and honked, and all we heard was his exasperated gobble. Every now and then I saw his head pop up and his little wattle wiggle as he looked around. He would not move. I was beginning to think I would have to get out and try to shoo him away, but I wasn't precisely sure of his mental state.

About this time, my 7 year old starts crying. "What's the matter?!" I asked him absently, certain he was afraid his dear mother was going to kill the turkey in front of his very eyes.

"If the turkey doesn't move, we're never going to get to go to the toy store!", he replied.

So much for animal love. I don't see a future at PETA for this child.

Finally, after much honking, the (stupid) animal moved to the side of our car. I moved forward as quickly as I dared, fearful he would get in front of the van again. After about five minutes of turkey fun, we were able to finish our trip.

So why did the turkey cross the road? Well, as far as I know, he never actually did cross the road.
But it was obvious he had a death wish. Perhaps he heard Thanksgiving was coming and decided now was a good time to play that game he had always wanted to try - chicken.

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