Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things We've Done Today

Though not exhaustive, this is a list of Things We've Done Today, in no particular order:

Went to church and Sunday School

Cleaned the kitchen floor twice in a matter of an hour due to spilled juice

Sang in two choirs

Said things to several children along the lines of: "Did you think it was a good idea to fling the pitcher around the kitchen?"

Visited a 100 year old house-turned-museum and said "Don't touch that!" and "Don't sit there!" many times

Watched 5 year old string out his piece of gum and place it around his neck as a necklace and show it to everyone joyfully

Vacuumed floor twice

Watched 5 year old have great difficulty trying to remove gum necklace

Ate wonderful chili made by someone else. . . making it taste even better

Googled "how to remove gum from skin"

Scrubbed 5 year old's neck with soybean butter and oil in a (finally successful) attempt to remove gum

Listened to 2 year old smile and say "Poopy in the butt!" more times than I'd care to admit

Removed countless pieces of toilet paper from the bathroom sink where the 5 year old had been working on his own gum-removal-home-remedies

Put children to bed

Hoped for some peace

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