Saturday, October 8, 2011

Unplug it!

The weather in our neck of the woods has been beautiful lately. Warm temps, sunny days and vibrant trees. A reminder of why one never puts the children's summer clothes away at the first cool temps of September.

In light of the gorgeousness outside, my husband and I decided to declare it an unplugged weekend.

As in no screens whatsoever (for the children, that is - I am obviously staring at a screen right now!).

The children took it amazingly well, even the screen-obsessed ones. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how little balking there was. While we always have limitations on how much they can watch TV, play the Wii and play DS, we have never taken everything away for 2 days unless they have committed heinous household crimes (which does happen from time to time!!).

So today was day one. My husband had to work the entire day, so I was on my own to navigate these waters. Though it wasn't perfect, it went rather well. We played with shrinky dinks. . . the Lionel electric train made an appearance on my dining room table (where it still remains). . . my oldest daughter initiated a game of house that took off well even with some of the boys. . .they all read books and magazines that had been languishing on our end tables. . .we made apple crisp. . .we rode bikes/scooters/roller skates. . .

All in all it was a good day. Tomorrow Daddy is home and we have some plans for enjoying this weather as a family, so the lack of screens won't be so obvious.

But, for a very plugged in family, this being unplugged is working quite well. So far, so good!

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