Saturday, October 1, 2011

All in a day's work

I have only one child home during the day now that school has started.

One child.

Why, then, am I so busy? It seems my hair is on fire allthetime. Between shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, MOPS-organizing, meetings, and the all-important-but-too-easily-missed playtime with my daughter, it seems I never have a second to breathe. I'm not complaining exactly, since I would much prefer to be busy than bored, but perhaps a little less would be nice. I'm not optimistic, though. I know as my children get older, it will only get hairier. And while part of me relishes these crazy days (and the ones to come) another part of me just wants to take a nap.

After school is no less restful. We've got soccer, after school programs and EATING. Yes, eating. The children are going to die of starvation the moment they walk in the door. They need to eat, and eat now. No time for small talk - just bring on the food and bring it fast. They eat entire meals at 3:15 and are somehow still hungry for dinner (if dinner is not deemed disgusting, which it usually is). I wish I could eat that much and not need Weight Watchers.

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ccjmommy said...

Oh, I agree with the part about after school. The hours of 3-6pm are my least favorite of the day. I love after dinner time with the kids, time to cuddle, etc. But right after school is HAIRY!