Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The sun will come out, tomorrow

It's MOPS day. Usually that means I'm up early, ready to hang out with all our great MOPS moms, hear an informative and inspiring speaker and have some oh-so-yummy food.

Not today. Instead, here I am at home, in plaid lounge pants from college. Two of my kids are sick today, so no MOPS for me, boohoo. While staying home from MOPS is bad enough in itself, what makes today harder is that it is my fifth day in sweatpants and ponytails with barely a venture into the outside world. Since Friday, we have been treading water in a sea of science fair and learning fair projects, and also sick kids.

On my list of things to do today: workout, shower, take the baby to the doctor. Seriously. There are lots of other things to be done, but I am in survival mode, and the most basic of tasks must be listed so that I have some feeling of accomplishment today.

To make things even more fun around here, our dryer has been out for almost two weeks. I am hopeful that the problem will be resolved by Thursday so that I will no longer be a regular at the laundromat.

The good news today is that one of the kids is feeling better, and I'm hopeful the doctor will have some good news about sweet baby K and her frequent sinus/ear infections.

Tomorrow is a new day!


Heidi said...

yuck! I hope they are all better soon. Remember they are going to be gone before we know it. (At least that's what I keep telling myself too.)

Jenny said...

Oh, it's no fun being stuck inside all the time, especially in winter! I hope the kids are feeling better really soon. Take care!