Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow, snow, snow!

We're snowed in at our house today, so we're playing with all the new Christmas toys we haven't had a chance to play with yet.

Easy Bake Oven mixes. . .the jury is out on how these pretzels will taste, due to some confusion over 3 1/2 teaspoons of water as opposed to 3 1/2 tablespoons of water. . . The outcome of Mommy's save the day technique of gradually adding flour to thicken the mixture is yet to be determined.

Primary Science Kit. . .many volcanoes have exploded on my kitchen island. I am now out of vinegar and baking soda, and my food coloring supply is greatly decreased. Many happy boys are wearing safety goggles and giggling. I mentioned to my 9 year old son that a scientist would never just dump the ingredients into the beaker, but instead he would measure them. My son replied, "Not if you're a mad scientist! Muhahaha!!"

Leap Frog Dominoes. . .fun game, good learning tool, somewhat difficult with toddler crawling on the coffee table during the game.

I have a few more activities on the agenda before we call it a day. The highlight of my day thus far has been the 3 hour nap my husband suggested I take (well, he suggested the nap, my body suggested the 3 hours). I can't imagine the last time I napped so long or well. Hallelujah!

In other news, our dryer stopped working on Thursday aka laundry day. I finished all the wash and dried all of it at the laundromat. We have a repair man coming on Tuesday, so I foresee another trip to the laundromat in my near future. Sigh. I am thankful, though, that if something had to go, it was the dryer and not the washer.

Never a dull moment around here!

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Jenny said...

I love the "mad scientist" comment! It's funny how quickly moms can go thru vinegar! Glad you got that nap in, too.