Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A parenting plea

Dear parents at Kroger,

Please do not leave your children alone in your van while you grocery shop. I certainly know how difficult it is to shop with your children, especially at 8:30 p.m. I know they are tired and might whine and fuss. But leaving them in the van in the dark parking lot is so dangerous! Next time, won't you send one parent in and leave the other parent in the car with the children to protect them?

As I got into my car this evening, my headlights shone into the watchful eyes of your 6 year old son. He was looking toward the entrance of the store, waiting for you to return. He was talking to his little sibling next to him. I sat in my car until you came out, because I couldn't leave them all alone. It was at least five minutes before you both returned.

I'm sure you love your children very much. Next time, please keep them close to you! They are too precious to expose them to such possible dangers.

With sincere care for your children,



ccjmommy said...

She may trust those children to not misbehave...but does she trust every stranger that walks by? Certainly not.

qawseed778 said...

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