Monday, October 25, 2010

Ghostly drawings

Tonight the kids and I were making posterboard ghosts to leave on our neighbors' doorsteps with goodies (a ritual the kids call "booing"). I gave the first one eyelashes, giving her a decidedly feminine look.

In an attempt to keep things gender equal, my son said, "Let's make the next one a boy. Let's give him armpit hair!"


Tiffany said...

Hi Shelly,
Susan told me she had shared my blog with you. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Of course I remember you. I can't believe you have 5 kids. I've read through your blog, but haven't had a chance to read all of it. Sounds like you have a busy, busy life. I look forward to reading more about the life God has blessed you with.

mammamilk said...

Thanks, Tiffany. I have looked at your blog several times. I am glad to continue to follow your life. God has certainly blessed you and blessed your daughter with you.