Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A self portrait

The other day, my husband was asking me for pictures of the kids for his desk at church. I jokingly asked him if he had a picture of me(an 11 x 14 would be appropriate, I think) up in his office. Of course he does not, because there are very few pictures of me out there.

So - perhaps I should have my picture taken. Professionally. A couple of years ago, my mother-in-law asked my husband to have his portrait done. Since he is a pastor, this meant in his full vestments, in our beautiful church. The portrait is lovely and is now hanging on our living room wall.

Now, if I get my picture taken of me in my "professional surroundings", what would that mean? Hhmm. . .

Setting: the kitchen, piled high with dishes, sippy cups, dinner-in-progress. In the background, you can see the laundry on the table waiting to be folded. There are also toys scattered and many crumbs on the floor.

My clothing: Sweats, t-shirt from 1993 (complete with spit-up on the shoulder and a splash of spaghetti sauce on the front), tennies.

My hair: In a ponytail, possibly washed that day, perhaps the day before. A few wisps frame my face, not necessarily flatteringly.

In my arms: At least one child, with more clambering to be held. The babe-in-arms is grabbing handfuls of my face with one hand, and pulling my hair with the other.

My face: Trying to smile for the camera, but in severe pain due to the pulling being done by the baby. Every other second, I stop smiling to reprimand or compliment a child, break up a fight, or say "Calgon, take me away".

Okay, okay, this is not exactly how I look or my house looks. These are all plausible scenarios, they just do not (thankfully!!) converge on me at one time (usually!). Still, I think it best if I do not try for a professional picture. There's not point in tempting fate.


ccjmommy said...

Lady Madonna, children at your feet, wonder how you manage to make ends meet?

Just the thought that came to mind as I read your scenario. Of course you make ends meet just fine. "wonder how you manage to do it all" would be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I would just do a book for him. "A Day In The Life Of A House Wife."

mammamilk said...

yes, I'm lady Madonna! :) I wonder how I manage to do it all too. . .I guess I wonder that, because I don't manage to do it all!

JW said...

Love the idea lets do it!!

mammamilk said...

JW - NOOOO!!! If I ever get a picture done, I don't want it to be in my "natural setting!"