Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry, merry Christmas!

Last Christmas, as I lay (moaning and groaning) on the couch with all-day-sickness due to my new pregnancy, I dreamed of this Christmas. We will have a new baby, I thought! I will be able to stand for more than three minutes without keeling over! Next Christmas, I dreamed, will be amazing.

Well, that did not turn out to be exactly true.

Thankfully, we were all able to worship on Christmas Eve, but from then on, things got messy. I came home from singing at the late service to find our dear friend who was babysitting holding the baby, who had been coughing horribly. Our three year old was in our bed with a fever. By 3 a.m., we were ready to go the ER, but thankfully received a prescription for an antibiotic from the doctor on call. Eventually all three younger kids had some version of fever/coughing/congestion.

Still, we made it to our family celebrations three hours south. Everyone seemed to be mostly better, until we headed five hours north to be with friends for New Year's. Less than 24 hours later, we were beating an unexpected path home, fleeing the vomiting ickies. We did not make it home alone. The ickies followed, and three of the kids and my husband succumbed over the last two days. Blessedly, everyone seems to be out of the woods now.

It was definitely not the Christmas I dreamed of last year, but it was still filled with many blessings. We were able to worship our newborn King together as a family, get together with all of our immediate family and lots of extended family and friends as well.

Perhaps I will just wait and see what next year brings. No point in jinxing it by wishing for perfection!


ccjmommy said...

I'm glad the ickies are gone! I have not visited your blog in many a day (shame on me. Glad to be back reading your awesomely funny and touching posts!

mammamilk said...

Thanks for the compliment, sistah! Any news on yours?

Anonymous said...

Predictions for next christmas:

Another on the way!