Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lofty soles

The scene: Our side yard, this afternoon in the good weather. All the kids are playing nicely (surprise, surprise).

One child comes up with the highly underplayed game of "Take off One Shoe and Throw it Up in the Air!".

I am paying bills at the computer and learn of the game in this way:

"Mommy, mommy!! ___ took ____'s shoe and threw it up on the roof!!! It's still up there!!"

The child delivering this news cannot help but smile. The game! The game has an unexpected bonus! Who would have ever dreamed that such an innocent (!) game would have such an exciting outcome.

Daddy had to rescue the shoe tonight in the dark. It's a good thing the shoe was up there. After all, what would Daddy have found to fill his time tonight?


Jill said...

Please let me know the next time this game is played. I have many shoes :)

mammamilk said...

I'll keep you posted!