Monday, October 19, 2009

File this under: "Thank goodness that's over!"

The other day, I completed a parenting duty that makes the rest look like child's play. I took the older four to get flu shots.

You'd have thought I took them all to have brain surgery, with no anesthesia.

We don't typically get the flu shot (I admit this is largely in part by the content you are about to read), so my children are not very accustomed to receiving it. On our scheduled day, I picked them up from school and drove toward the doctor's office. As I drove, I casually mentioned where we were going.

Immediate hysteria from one child in particular. "It's going to hurt! I don't want a flu shot! I DON'T WANT A FLU SHOT!"

I explained calmly (hoping to contain the hysteria so that it would not infect the others) that I had recently had a flu shot and was amazed by how pain-free it was.

"Do you remember last week when Mommy had her shot (I always speak in third person - even to adults. It makes me lots of fun at parties)? I went on and on to you about how I didn't even know the nurse had given it to me!"

One of the younger children pipes up: "The flu shot doesn't hurt!", but the older child is not convinced.

When we finally got back to the exam room, the children were anxious, but controlled. My most-afraid-child wanted to go first. I thought it was a good idea to get this one over with. The nurse came forward and did the deed. I was right there with a ready smile, saying "See? That wasn't bad at all, right?"

"No! It really hurt! I can't believe you said yours didn't hurt you!!"

It went downhill from there. Now everyone was afraid, because Mommy obviously lied to every one's face. They all cried and struggled. During this whole time, I, of course, was holding my fussy baby, giving me that extra parenting challenge that I so enjoy.

After it was all over, and the children were holding their injection sites, we limped out to the car. I had promised them Dairy Queen if they were good. They were all saying that they didn't deserve Dairy Queen, but I took them anyway. They had survived, though it was tough. After they had all ordered their ice cream, I ordered a Blizzard for myself.

I told the cashier I had earned it.

I can't wait for round two of the swine flu shots. . .

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