Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogging? What's that again?

So - life over here is a bit busy. I think often of my blog, longingly, in fact. I have ideas about things to blog. . .I attempt to head to the computer to blog. . .and then my small, sweet, beautiful daughter reminds me of her presence. Usually loudly and with much fervor.

Pretty much all the time, as I stated in an earlier blog, I am in the recliner, rocking my baby girl. I am beginning to wonder if rocking vigorously counts as exercise. It's a pretty good workout. Maybe I should make some DVDs and try to market them to the postpartum set. "Rockin' with your baby! Tone those flabby thighs in 36 hours [of continuous rocking - but I won't reveal that right away to my target audience]! Call now and receive these bonus gifts - maid service for a week - your whole house cleaned and meals cooked!" Those bonus gifts will come in handy, because your butt never leaves the recliner, making it rather difficult to do any cleaning or cooking (and parenting of other children, but I can't provide everything!).

So - that's where I am right now. I try to remind myself as I rock and feed my baby girl that the house will keep, and these "baby moon" days are short. Some days it is easier than others.

A small miracle has occurred while I wrote this post. My darling daughter has been quiet while not being held for about 20 minutes. It's the little things in life.


muskydave said...

How sad it is that you have a professional baby rocker in your family. This is the perfect job for Grandpa. Just give me the remote and I can rock for hours. When the darling drifts off to sleep then Grandpa can catch a few winks. Just one catch. I must be provided with food and drink at regular intervals.

mammamilk said...

Dad - how I wish you were here to do all the rocking! I would gladly provide you with your required remote, food and drinks! No one seems to provide me those things. . .