Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby school

As I sit here at the computer, I am listening to my children play "Baby School" in the family room. My oldest is teaching the younger kids how to take care of the baby. They are bathing her dolls, putting the dolls in the swing, burping them, giving them pacifiers, putting them down for a nap. It is incredibly sweet (although I did witness some vigorous hair brushing on a doll by my 3 year old. Note to self - 3 year old is not quite ready for baby's personal grooming).

In other news, today is our 13th anniversary. Our "golden" anniversary - 13 years on the 13th. As I think back about that day, it seems so long ago. We seemed so young and inexperienced. While we always wanted a large family, I imagine it would have been inconceivable for me to imagine that on our 13th anniversary we would be expecting our 5th child. So many blessings God has bestowed upon us. I am very thankful for my dear husband, the love of my life. I thought I loved him then - how little did I know that I had only just begun loving him!

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ccjmommy said...

How sweet! Does he read your blog? Will he know the nice things you post about him? And I am praying for you and little "Baby mammamilk's" safe delivery! Can't wait! Love you!