Sunday, January 18, 2009

We're off to the Mouse's House!

Yes, it's true. The kids have finally worn us down (with much begging, pleading and cajoling) and we are going to Disney World. Actually, I think I am just as excited as the kids (although my husband is a different story. . .). We are going next month, and just bought our tickets a few weeks ago. After being hospitalized for extreme sticker shock, I am doing fine now.
I have heard two illustrations about how things work at Disney. Apparently, if you go into this with the right frame of mind, all will be fine.

1. "The Mouse always has his hand out." This is from my father-in-law, who went last year and is going with us this year. If we just happily fill the mouse's hand with regular frequency, all will be well.

2. Upon entering Disney World, we will be turned upside down until all of our money falls out. Afterward, we will be admitted into the park to enjoy our stay.


kelly said...

We were just there last week and thankfully Justin got in free because we went on his birthday. Nice promo Disney is doing for 2009...however we are once AGAIN scared into not having children. You will have a lovely time and really it is for the adults as much as the kids. Enjoy!

mammamilk said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time, Kelly! I look forward to hearing about it (and the marathon!). I can see where Disney would be alarming in the having-children category, but just remember, they start out as sweet little babies, not screaming toddlers. . .!