Sunday, September 23, 2007


Since my husband and I didn't feel comfortable using our kids' names on the internet for all the world to see (since I have SO many readers, you know!), I asked the older ones what aliases they wanted to use. So - here are my children's new names, and what they would have picked for themselves, had we not done it for them. Meet: our daughter Felicity, 7, our son Max, 6, our son Noah, 3, and our son Jacob, 1. Okay, the younger two didn't quite get the whole idea, so I chose for them. I've always liked the name Noah, but have always been veteod. Jacob was our second choice for our baby.

Speaking of babies, I just read of two babies with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome who recently passed away. It was heartbreaking looking at their pictures online; they looked so similar to our little guy's baby pictures. Both these babies had other complications, but it certainly hit close to home. How thankful we are that our son was spared and we have had 3 wonderful years with him and look forward to a lifetime more.

The kids asked me to tell all their birth stories tonight. It took an amazingly long time to get through them all, due to the constant interruptions, but it was so fun to relive all their births. They were so interested in hearing (almost!) all the details. Finally, I have a captive audience for all the reminiscing I am so apt to fall prey to!

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muskydave45 said...

what gives? i'm waiting on the next chapter of the life and times of mammamilk and family.