Monday, April 18, 2016

Bits and Pieces #9

  • My grandma recently moved out of her assisted living apartment and in with my aunt and uncle.  My dad was handling some of the details of the move, once of which was disconnecting her phone. When he called into the telephone company to do so, the rep noticed what an old number it was.  My dad told the gal she had had that number since 1953, when his parents had built the house and moved into it.  She asked my dad if he was sure he wanted to let the number go.  Well, once it was brought up, he really didn't want to let it go! So my dad changed his cell phone number to his childhood number and the phone number lives on!  I have great happiness in dialing his number now - a number I have known my whole life, and he almost all of his.  

  • Ok - this is a rant.  You have been warned.  What is with teenagers and twenty-somethings on all the sosh meeds (that's social media - see I'm a hipster too)?  They seem to start all their "sentences" with when!  Examples:  when your dog eats your homework - or- when you realize tomorrow is Monday - or - when you realize your cat is more thug than you.  It seems the youth of today only know how to write in fragments, and it's driving me crazy! #WhenYouForgetHowToConstructAProperSentence

  • Today I removed my 6.5-year-old's 5-point harness carseat from the van.  She has been in a high back booster in the suburban for quite a long time now, but we didn't have a second booster, and she was still small enough to stay in the 5-point, so we just kept using it in the van.  But she was really getting too big for the 5-point, so I bought a high back booster from a friend and put it in this morning.  And as I released the seat belt of the big car seat (it's hard to do - those things are installed tightly - see my post here about car seat installation!) and lugged it out of the van, I realized it was the end of an era.  (I know I'm always saying that - there are lots of eras in my world, and it's a big deal when one comes to an end).  We have had a 5-point carseat for more than 16 years, and today we no longer do.  Sixteen years of buckling someone in, of tightening straps and wrestling with coats.  Sixteen years of sweating and frustration while installing (did you read my post I linked?), and sixteen years of having little kids.  Now our youngest is too big for a carseat.  And since this is me we're talking about, my heart ached a little for those younger years.  Those younger years which were fabulous, but simultaneously really hard -- yes, those years.  As our family grows up, these "lasts" are more and more frequent.  Thankfully, though, for my heart, "firsts" are also cropping up everywhere -- first days in high school, first driver's license, first date, first job.  Truthfully, my heart hurts a bit with both the firsts and the lasts, but it also overflows with each as well.  Parenting never disappoints! 

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