Monday, October 5, 2015

Overheard Over Here

  • "Get wrecked!" this is from my teenage son.  If someone is proven wrong or makes a general error, this lovely phrase gets shouted in the direction of said person.  I have taken it up myself, and can be heard telling the children to get wrecked when things go awry.  I'm nothing if not versatile! I not only talk like a teenage girl (totes adorbs, for realsies etc.), I like to mix it up and talk like a teenage boy too.  Don't be jelly.
  • "I can't control my taste buds!  God gave them to me!" this from a certain white-headed wonder who just couldn't help that he didn't like dinner.  At the same dinner, his "low" of the day during our high/low sharing time:  "I WANT to like dinner, but I just can't!"
  • "This new fridge-lemonade-holder-thingy is amazing!  I love it!"  Ok, this was from me. But seriously, I bought a new plastic fridge jug thing for like $5, and it's awesome!  It's skinny and tall and takes up no space, and the kids can just pour all the Crystal Light they want and not involve me.  Mommy for the win!

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