Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket!

Depending on how you see it, I either had super bad luck yesterday, or I was super lucky.  I'm gonna go with the latter.

At lunchtime, I was sitting at the island, cutting an apple with a steak knife.  My husband and most of the kids were in the family room/kitchen.  I was talking to them as I got up to put the knife in the dishwasher.  I stepped down and just as I did, I noticed Shadow**  almost directly under my feet.  In an effort to not smash him to smithereens, I tripped, lunged and fell hard on my hip, still holding the very sharp knife.  Amazingly, I was not hurt at all, and did not stab myself or anyone else.  

Later on, during a driving rain storm, I had to take several kids to and fro to various activities (and pick up stranded children from the baseball games that weren't).  I had left the burb in the driveway, not knowing the deluge that was headed our way.  I decided to pull it into the garage to load in the couple kids I had at home.  I stood in the garage for a moment, psyching myself up for the dash I had to make (which included navigating an enormous puddle and a basketball hoop).  When I was ready to go for it, I pushed off quickly. . .and my flip flop slid on the wet garage floor.  My momentum thrusted me forward into the rain and headlong toward the basketball hoop.  With much arm flailing and screeching, I righted myself before I crashed into the hoop.  Then I splashed into the puddle and flung myself into the burb.  It was quite harrowing.

So - I guess I was super lucky.  But I am mostly glad that no one happened to be recording my less-than-graceful movements!

**Shadow.  His tagline should be:  "Shadow!  He's everywhere you want to be!" He is almost literally under my feet 24/7.  Every time I move, he moves with me, and usually directly in my path.  It's a miracle I haven't stepped on him yet.

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