Sunday, January 4, 2015

12 days of Christmas

A few thoughts as Christmas break comes to a close*:

  • At the candlelight service on Christmas Eve, I looked over at an (unnamed) son, to see him holding his candle above his head.  "I'm the Statue of Liberty!", said he.  
  • We roller skated and ice skated to our hearts' content!  It was equal parts exhausting, wet, challenging and hysterical.  My husband and I held hands at the roller rink (and I even skated backward with him leading - impressed?) just like it was 1986.  One of the boys sailed by with his hand up toward us and rolled his eyes.  Score!
  • Waaaaay too much sugar has been consumed.  There is really nothing more to say about that.  It was fabulous, but it's gotta stop.
  • Our last gift to the kids on Christmas morning is that we are going to get a dog.  Tears of joy, faces full of disbelief, and screams of happiness ensued.  We have spent all the days since researching which type we should get.  I think we have settled in on a doodle.  Or a poo.  That's a poodle mix, by the way.  I am slightly obsessed with doodles - I have serious poomania.  And let me just tell you - poodles get around these days!  They have truly mated with just about every breed - and the result are totes adorbs.  Of course, those designer breeds cost mucho moola, and we are not looking to spend mucho.  So we are hoping a doodle or a poo will come available at a rescue and be the perfect 8th member of our family.
  • We have played games out the wazoo and laughed till our tummies hurt with our family.  We have enjoyed lots of great togetherness this break.
  • We bought gas for $1.57!!!  Did you see that?  I was freaking out with excitement!  Unreal!
  • Tomorrow morning, 5:45 is gonna hit us HARD.  I am sorry to see all of our good times come to close.  

*Actually, Christmas break was over on Friday at 3 pm.  Every break of my childhood consisted of my father reminding me of this fact on Friday afternoon.  I have carried on the tradition with my children and deflate them frequently with this news.

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