Monday, March 18, 2013

High Five!

I feel too discombobulated to blog in standard form, so I'll go with easy-peasy bulleted paragraphs instead:

1.  We have a teenager in the house!!!  Our oldest turned 13 yesterday on St. Paddy's day.  Her first order of business:  Get a Facebook account.  She had that one checked off before church!  I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming.  She is a loving daughter, sister and friend.  God has blessed us richly with this child.

2.  Our oldest son is going to be confirmed in two weeks at the Easter Vigil.  He is very excited for this big step in his faith journey.  We are all looking forward to experiencing this great event with him.  And I am preparing - food, cleaning, shopping. . .!  We will have 23 people in for the weekend (though not all sleeping here).  I love it!  Soon we will be stuffing eggs for the Easter egg hunt and making our hard boiled eggs for the Egg Roll.  Great times!

3.  My six year old, you might remember, decided to give up all things yellow for Lent on Ash Wednesday.  Well, that has morphed into Tails instead.  As in, Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog.  Thrice this weekend opportunities to deny himself have arisen.  He frantically shielded his eyes from seeing Tails during a chance sighting, and he opted for a different shirt than his original choice, because Tails was front and center on it.  And he asked me, quite earnestly, "Do you think I can play this game on your phone?  It has Tails in it and gave him up for Lent."  He chose to abstain from the game.

4.  I have been working out faithfully, three times a week.  Me, yes, me!!  The girl who hates to work out and sweat.  But you know what?  It hasn't been too bad!  A few friends also go to the classes I have been attending, and that helps a lot.  Also - I have set a wee little goal for my 40th birthday, less than a month away, so I am pedaling, piloxing and zumba'ing my little heart out trying to reach it.  I'll keep ya posted.

5.  After 14 years in this house, we are finally getting new carpet in our living room.  Our entire house is hardwood, save this one room.  For the last 14 years (it's actually been there for 20+ years, we have only been subjected to it for a mere 14) we have enjoyed burgundy carpet.  As in, darkish RED carpet.  In the living room.  Jealous you are?  Well, the carpet is out, and the new is coming today.  Today!  I have already warned the children that they will never step foot in the room again.  We will all relish it from the doorway.  It'll be fabulous!

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