Monday, December 3, 2012

Elfish Activity

My six year old son came home from school, full of excitement about his friend's Elf on the Shelf.  "It's so cool!!  You can't touch him, he's magic, he watches you and reports to Santa, he comes every morning and you have to find him when you wake up!"  Whew!

I had thought about getting one for a year or two, so now seemed like the right time.  After much deliberation, the kids came up with his name:  Hedgy Miles Maximilian.  If you know my kiddos, you can see who had the most influence with the first name.  (For the record, when Miles was suggested, this same child seriously added "per hour" to complete the name.)

Hedgy has been seen on the tree, reading a book about Jesus' birth and in a few other places, including this one:

The kids are getting up way too early to find out where Hedgy will be each day.  So far, Hedgy has not disappointed and forgotten to return; hopefully that trend continues.  Though I haven't tried to push "The Elf is watching - be good!", if that happens on its own, I won't complain!


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